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Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir & Syrah From Our Vineyard In The Sky


Muns Vineyard brushes the sky on a ridge above Monterey Bay at 2600 feet.  This is the highest Pinot Noir vineyard in the Santa Cruz Mountains, a prime growing region for this luscious winegrape.  We enjoy the coastal climate of the mountains, with fog lapping at our feet in the summer. The cool coastal breeze that blows off the fog and sunlight are perfect for growing premium Pinot Noir.  Moderate days and cool nights, along with diligent personal attention in our 13-acre owner-operated vineyard, produces fruit with rich and complex flavors.  We have blended Dijon clones 114, 115, 667 and 777 to provide a fruit-forward, complex and well-balanced wine.

Minimal intervention in the winery allows our unique terroir to shine. Barrel aging in 30% new oak for about 16 months adds soft tannins that accentuate, but not dominate, the beautiful fruit in this special wine. The wine drinks well now and is a delicious complement with food, and will bottle-age for years to come. Enjoy ‘heaven-in-a-bottle’ from our ridge top vineyard above the bay! 

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What’s Happening in the Vineyard:  Harvest!

Veraison (when the grapes start to ripen and color) started at Muns Vineyard the end of July.  With hungry birds flocking in, Ed and the crew netted the entire vineyard, with 1 mile of netting for every acre – 13 miles of net altogether. Once veraison starts it takes 6-8 weeks for the fruit to ripen to harvest.

As of mid-September we have harvested three days so far (on Aug. 23, Sept. 6 & 10), and anticipate finishing up the Pinot Noir with two more days of picking (adding the Syrah on the last day). Harvest dates depend on the level of ripeness our winery clients want, and on differences in the vineyard. The weather has cooled and the nights are chilly, which extends hangtime and develops flavors in the grapes.

The yield this year is good – not what it was in the stellar years of 2012-2014, but a lot better than 2015 when vineyards throughout the state lost crop due to poor weather during bloom in the springtime.

The 2016 vintage is looking excellent!

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