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High Elevation Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir & Syrah

From Our Vineyard In The Sky

Muns Vineyard brushes the sky on the Loma Prieta ridge top above Monterey Bay at 2600 feet.  This is the highest Pinot Noir vineyard in the Santa Cruz Mountains, a prime growing region for this luscious winegrape. 

We enjoy the coastal climate of the mountains, with fog lapping at our feet in the summer. The cool coastal breeze that blows off the fog and sunlight are perfect for growing premium Pinot Noir.  Moderate days and cool nights, along with diligent personal attention in our 13-acre owner-operated vineyard, produces fruit with rich and complex flavors.  We have blended Dijon clones 114, 115, 667 and 777 to provide a complex and well-balanced wine.

Minimal intervention in the winery allows our unique terroir to shine. Barrel aging in 30% new oak for about 16 months adds soft tannins that accentuate, but not dominate, the beautiful fruit in this special wine. The wine drinks well now and is a delicious complement with food, and will bottle-age for years to come. Enjoy ‘heaven-in-a-bottle’ from our ridge top vineyard above the bay! 

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  • Winter Wonderland! February, 2019.

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The Muns Vineyard Shelter-in-Place Special: Enjoy Muns Vineyard Wines at Home

Vineside Pickup: Pick up Your Advance Order at the Vineyard Saturdays, by Appointment

or Free Local Delivery. We also ship.

We sincerely hope that everyone is well, and please stay well!  Under Covid restrictions we are currently not scheduling tastings in our vineyard:

For Vineside Pickup at the vineyard: Saturdays between 11-3pm: Pick up is for advance orders only. Please note: we are not allowed to offer tastings, and people may not congregate. We will observe social distancing. And all visitors must wear a mask (bring your own). 

Free local delivery: We will deliver to your home at no charge with a min. $100 order throughout Santa Cruz to Watsonville, the Santa Cruz Mountains, and San Jose to Palo Alto. If you live just beyond this area please inquire about delivery. If we know you are home we can bring the wine to your door and process your credit card at our office to avoid direct contact.

We also ship.

To Order: See our Order page here. Or call Mary at 408-234-2079.

During the Covid-19 pandemic and shelter-in-place orders we are offering the following discounts:

10% off on 4-5 bottles

15% off on 6-11 bottles

25% off on a case

30% off on 3 cases

And you can mix your selection and order whatever you would like.



Wine Club discounts: 20% on 3 bottles, 25% on 6 bottles, 30% on a case

Pricing before discounts:  Pinot Noirs $40/bottle; Syrah $30/bottle, 2010 Sparkling Rose’ of Pinot Noir $50/bottle.

For a list of our wines, see the Wines page here. To order, see our Order page here.  For even better discounts, see our Wine Club page here. Or call Mary at 408-234-2079.

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See our YouTube Channel here for what’s happening in the vineyard – it’s like you are there! Get up close and personal with the crawler and flail mower here .

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We hope you can join us when we schedule more tastings starting in the new year – watch our website or newsletter for dates. In the mean time, Happy Thanksgiving and merry holidays!


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There are currently no offsite events due to Covid restrictions. 

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We started harvest the week of Sept. 7, picking for some of our winery clients, and harvest will continue through the end of the month.

Weather conditions have been ideal and benchmarks in the vineyard have progressed rapidly this year, although bloom was very late, starting the first week of June. Set came on quickly with the longer, warmer Spring days by then, and the berries have been developing right along. The first signs of veraison started to show the last couple of weeks of July  We have another great crop for the 2020 vintage – our 18th harvest!


More about this vintage:  Bloom started in the Pinot Noir at the end of the first week in June, and with the ideal weather conditions took off in earnest. Interestingly, although budbreak this year late April was a couple of weeks later than last year the vines have more than caught up – and bloom this year is a week earlier than last! 2019 was cold and wet through Spring, with 70″ of rainfall for the winter and bloom was a week later than the previous year (which was also later than usual). This year, by the time we entered budbreak the weather had warmed up and the days had gotten longer and the vines have been thriving. We have had a few warm days but by and large temps have been moderately cool and the nights have been chilly.

We had a couple of rainy days the first of June and fortunately, bloom started after that rain. This is a critical time, when too much wind or rain or cold weather can inhibit fertilization this year and reduce crop load; and also diminishes bud differentiation for the following year (and reduces crop). So far the weather has been beautiful. The crop load this year is looking good (looks like we had good bud differentiation last year), with nice large, healthy blooms. Bloom in the Syrah was just a few days later. The 2020 vintage is looking healthy and plentiful.

Spring brought with it a shelter-in-place/stay-at-home order due to the Covid-19 virus (as of March 17) that is still with us today. We hope everyone is well, and please stay well.  Unfortunately, we have not been able to schedule tastings in the vineyard, but we will let you know as soon as we can do so. We can provide our Muns Vineyard wines for your enjoyment at home, so please see more about ordering and our delivery and shipment options above.

This past winter we had 28″ of precipitation, including an inch or so of snow mid-January and a dusting of snow mid-March. (Compare this to the 70″ of rain we had over the 2018/19 winter rain season!). The rain we’ve had this year is enough to saturate the root zone and give the vines what they need for the growing season. February was completely dry, but we had some additional rain in March and April. The crew pre-pruned in February and completed the final pruning the end of March. 

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                              See Muns Vineyard videos on YouTube here:   Harvest, Netting, Pruning, Aerial drone view, Mowing, more  .

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