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 Exceptional.”  – Rusty Gaffney, ‘The Prince of Pinot’, in PinotFile about the 2009 Muns Vineyard Pinot Noir.

 An ‘outstanding Pinot Noir discovery.” – Christina Waters in the Santa Cruz Weekly about the 2009 Muns Vineyard Pinot  Noir. ““From Muns Vineyard comes a spectacular example of Santa Cruz Mountains terroir. This could be one of the top 5 Pinot Noirs I’ve ever tasted.”

Our Pinot Noirs are characterized by flavors of dark cherry, spice and earthy notes evocative of the Muns Vineyard terroir. Each vintage is different, influenced by that year’s climate and the impact of bottle aging (and our wines are made to age), but these basic characteristics can be defined throughout. We currently have available the 2009, 2010, 2011 and the just-released 2012 vintages; plus Library vintages of 2006 and 2007 (the 2008 is sold out). See the Wine List below.

As well, we make a Rosé of Pinot Noir each year and currently have the 2014 still available.

Our Syrahs are characterized by rich blackberry balanced with the earthiness of black olive and the meaty character of the Northern Rhone. We currently have available the 2011 vintage.See the Wine List below.

The mouthfeel of our wines is a sensory experience with soft and velvety tannins. Tannins and acidity are balanced, with the minerality typical of the Santa Cruz Mountains and our vineyard. Enjoy our high elevation wines from our ‘vineyard in the sky’!

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The Winemaking:2011 PinotFront

Our Pinot Noirs are a blend of four Dijon Pinot Noir clones designated for premium dry wine: 114, 115, 667 and 777.  In addition, these four clones are planted on three different root stocks.  What Bordeaux achieves with blends of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot, we achieve wholly within the Pinot Noir variety, using clone/rootstock combinations which each exhibit unique characteristics.  The resulting Pinot Noir “blend” is a complex portfolio of rich color, flavors, aromas and robust structure.  At harvest, the crushing operation gently separates berries and stems producing the must that is fermented in chilled stainless steel tanks.  Some juice is drawn off and cold-fermented for our Rose‘.  After fermentation is complete the juice is gently pressed off to settling tanks, then gravity-fed into oak barrels, 30% of which are new Hungarian oak, with its tight grain that imparts more subtle tannins.  As the wine ages in the barrels, for 16-18 months, it is stirred occasionally but no racking is done.  This imparts soft tannins that accentuate, but not dominate, the wine.  Finally, the wine is gravity-fed into the bottling line so as to minimize “bottle-shock”. This minimal-intervention winemaking style along with the barrel choice supports and highlights the delicate nuances of flavor in the Pinot Noir (and our Syrah) .

Our Syrah is a blend of three different Dijon clones: 383, 470, 525. 2011Syrah Front



Wine List:

Estate Grown Pinot Noir

Current Releases:


2012  269 cases produced, bottled June 2014.  $40

2011 “Classic”, 136 cases bottled Spring 2013 and released Fall 2014.  $40

2011  Native Yeast Fermentation!  80 cases produced, released November 2012.  $40

2010  250 cases produced, released September 2013.  $40

2009  242 cases produced, released November 2012.  $40

  • Pleasing aromas of black cherries, red plums and roasted nuts. Delicious mid-weight flavors of dark stone fruits with a subtle riff of spice. The tannins and acidity are nicely balanced and this wine drinks seamlessly. Exceptional.”  – Rusty Gaffney, ‘The Prince of Pinot’, in PinotFile
  • A favorite of Ken Zinns, Grape Nutz, at the 2013 Pinot Paradise Grand Cruz tasting
  • Consumers looking for a prettier style of pinot should enjoy the 2009 Muns Estate Pinot Noir ($40), with its crushed strawberry, spice and hint of vanilla.”, Laurie Daniels, San Jose Mercury News, April 10, 2013, in this article about Pinot Paradise.
  • Gold Medal, Santa Cruz Mountains Professional Wine Tasting, 2013


Library Selections:

~ Experience the alchemy of bottle aging.  These wines are still available and drinking beautifully

2008  165 cases produced, released in May 2011.  $40  sold out

  • 90 points, Richard Jennings, Huffington Post
  • Gold Medal, Santa Cruz Mountains Professional Wine Tasting, 2013

2007  150 cases produced, released in Fall 2009.  $40

2006  360 cases produced, released in June 2008.  $40

  •  Gold Medal, Appellation America ‘Best of Appellation’ Award
  • “I was wild about the Muns Vineyard 2006 (Pinot Noir)…” – Christina Waters, in Santa Cruz Weekly, March 23, 2011, in an article about a pre-Pinot Paradise tasting.
  • 90 points, Richard Jennings, Huffington Post

2005  180 cases produced, released in March 2007.  $40

  • 91 Points, Wine Enthusiast
  • Gold Medal, Appellation America ‘Best of Appellation’ Award

Rosé of Pinot Noir

2015  52 cases produced, released Summer 2016  $18

“Crisp and dry, it’s a refreshing delight on a summer’s day—and it’s perfect to pair with picnic fare and appetizers.” – Josie Cowden in Good Times Santa Cruz.

Sparkling Winefinaldesignfront

Our 2010 vintage Sparkling Rosé of Pinot Noir, Estate, is a dry sparkling wine (Brut) made in the  méthode champenoise style.  It was harvested at 19 brix in September, 2010 and has the beautiful Rosé color distinctive of a Pinot Noir-based wine. This lovely sparkler is dry and crisp yet with beautiful fruit on the palate. Enjoy a taste of the stars from our vineyard in the sky on the Loma Prieta ridge top. $50, available only direct from Muns Vineyard. Limited availability. Original artwork, ‘Blue Sky Temple’ on the label by W.M. Vinci.


Estate Grown Syrah

2012  98 cases produced, bottled 25 November 2014.  $25

2011  100 cases produced, released October 2014.  $25

2010  120 cases produced, released October 2012.  $25 sold out

 “…given time to unwind, opens up to your senses. Dark fruit, oak and earth reflect the grace and strength of this syrah, grown on one of the tallest peaks of the Santa Cruz Mountains overlooking Monterey Bay.” – Stacey Vreeken, Santa Cruz Sentinel.


Pinot Noir:

2014  Barrel aging.  $40


2013  Barrel aging.  $25



Like many small wineries, we make our wine by custom-crush at a neighboring winery.  Through the 2004 vintage our wine was made at Soquel Vineyards by proprietors/winemakers Paul & Peter Bargetto and Jon Morgan.  From 2005 onward our wine was made at Silver Mountain Vineyards (Jerold O’Brien, proprietor) by winemaker Tony Craig.

We sell about 90% of our Pinot Noir to other wineries that produce a Muns Vineyard-designate wine.  Only a small amount is produced under our own label.  Muns Vineyard is a small wine label, but our vineyard is a large and significant source of Pinot Noir in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Our Pinot Noir grapes are (or have been) made into premium vineyard-designated wine by:

* 2015 harvest

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